Enhanced Service - $69.98

Cutting edge service provided with all findings documented and delivered at time of pickup. All components checked for damage and excessive wear. Customers with be informed of possible upgrades. Cost does not include replacement parts.

Tasks Performed:
  • Clean barrel
  • Check function of hop-up
  • Gear box
    • Verify shimming
    • Check angle of engagement
    • Verify pick-up clearance
    • Verify air seal
    • Check trigger contacts
  • All batteries cycled and charged
  • Test FPS with 0.2, 0.5 and 0.3 bbs
  • Comprehensive functional test
  • All findings documented
  • *Full RHop installation for $24.90
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    Basic Service - $38.98

    Necessary function repairs or installations; includes basic service inspection.Components encountered will be checked for damage and excessive wear. Cost does not include replacement parts.

    Tasks Performed:
    • Clean barrel
    • Split gear box if required
    • All batteries charged
    • Test FPS with 0.2g bb
    • Functional test
    • Replace parts as required
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      RHop Installation

      The ultimate accuracy and performance upgrade for any airsoft gun

        • Barrel only - $19.98
          • For barrel RHop installation, only barrel should be provided upon drop off.
        • Full installation - $34.98
          • Complete gun should be dropped off for installation
          • Removal and installation of barrel in rifle
          • Bucking modification
          • Hopup arm modification
          • Barrel RHop installation
          • Testing
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        Custom / Unlisted Work - $25/hr

        We can take your dreams and make it a reality.

        • 3D Design
        • Custom Parts
        • Machining
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          Booking an Appointment

          Upon appointment confirmation please bring the following items

          • Rifle in concealed case
          • Magazine - one of each kind, if various kinds are used
          • Battery - all batteries
          • Sample of bbs

          Upon arrival basic functional test will be performed, at which time a price and time estimate will be provided.

          The tech will contact the owner if and when replacement parts are required for repairs or upgrades are advised.